President IHEA Canada & Saskatchewan Representative– Shawna Bellavance

Shawna Bellavance has worked for the Saskatchewan Association for Firearm Education(SAFE) since 2009. As General Manager, she works closely with a BOD to deliver the Firearm Education/Hunter Safety course for Saskatchewan. Her job brings her closer to what is important; nature, conservation and proper use of our natural resources, while maintaining a safe environment for everyone involved. She works closely as well with the IHEA Canada Board, to help bring all jurisdictions, worldwide included, together to understand and educate the importance of the future of our wildlife.



Vice-President IHEA Canada & Newfoundland and Labrador Representative– Nathan Spence

 Nathan Spence is the Training Specialist responsible for conservation education programs in Newfoundland and Labrador.  He has been with the Department for almost 20 years in various capacities but has been working as a Training Specialist since 2008.  His love of all things outdoors has lead him to be involved in almost all the hunting and fishing adventures and outdoor pursuits his beautiful province has to offer.  These experiences coupled with his background in environmental studies and time instructing at the provincial college lead him comfortably into his current role.

As Master Instructor for the Canadian Firearms Safety Courses and Hunter Education, he enjoys working with instructors new and old throughout the province to ensure that students are receiving the best training that can be offered.  Working with the IHEA board is a great extension of his role and offers many benefits each way.


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Treasurer IHEA Canada& New Brunswick Representative- Peter Palmer

Peter Palmer’s background in hunting started in 1959 when he was taken on a hunt by his father on the prairie outside Winnipeg.  He took his Hunter Education course in 1964 and has held a hunting licence just about every year since.  Peter has a background as a gunsmith and with over 33 years experience is now the armourer for New Brunswick Regional Operations and in a repair and alteration capacity for the 300+ training firearms in the Canadian Firearm Safety Course(Restricted and Non-restricted) in New Brunswick.  He also manufactures the training ammunition used in the Program.

Peter was hired by the Dept. of Natural Resources in 1998 to code their web pages and administrate the database for the Conservation Education Program and now coordinates the Program for the Province.  The Conservation Education Program includes the Atlantic Provinces Hunter Education course, Canadian Firearms Safety Course(non-restricted) the Atlantic Canada Bowhunter Education Program, the Atlantic Provinces Trapper Education Program, and the Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators Program.

Conservation Education is a demand-based responsibility and Peter is proud of the network of volunteer and staff instructors who so ably meet that demand.


Len Sables

Zone Volunteer Instructor Representative for Eastern Canada-Len Dickinson

This area includes Nunavut, Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland & Labrador as well as Nova Scotia, New Brunswick  Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland.   Len was born and raised in the small village of Ferguson’s Falla, Ontario. He is a writer, photographer, and passionate sportsman. Len has dedicated most of his life in promoting his hunting heritage and inspiring people to appreciate the beauty that is all around them. He graduated from Algonquin College with a Diploma in Information and Technology and then started working for the Federal Government in Ottawa.  During that time he continued his education and earned a Bachelor of Environmental Studies through Waterloo University.



Zone Volunteer Instructor Representative for Western Canada-John Lawson

John Lawson was one of the founding members of Saskatchewan (SK) Association for Firearm Education (S.A.F.E.) as a separate entity in order to provide the hunter education program for this province. He has been the president or on the executive of Meadow Lake Pistol Club for over 30 years.

John is a Master Instructor for the federal non-restricted and restricted instructor train the trainer program; as well as a master instructor for the Saskatchewan provincial hunter safety train the trainer program.

With over 45 years teaching in the education system and 43 years as a hunter education instructor (both youth and adult) John has a demonstrated his intense and continued commitment to the education of new hunters and shooters as well his other activities in the shooting and hunting sports. His past work to create curriculum and educational materials also helps to further the hunter education cause in terms of course content and delivery. John brings with him his many years of experience and expertise to help others in the understanding of the teaching skills required to pass on the important hunter education information to students and help other instructors improve their skills.


For Bio

Northwest Territories Representative-Stephanie Yuill

Stephanie has spent almost 20 years with her first love: teaching in the outdoors. From Texas to Alberta to Ontario to the NWT, she’s made people fall in love with mother earth. When she’s not at work, she and her dog Eliza can be found canoeing and skiing the vast wilderness that is her northern home.

She’s also the current Education Coordinator for the Northwest Territories Department of Environment and Natural Resources.  Part of her job is to help teach hunters in the NWT to remain safe and respectful.



British Columbia Representative-Jack  O’Halloran

Jack O’Halloran has worked in the nonprofit world for approximately 15 years, and thoroughly enjoys working towards something meaningful. Jack has been following this passion for the outdoors and the environment as the Assistant Director of the BC Wildlife Federation (BCWF).  The BCWF is British Columbia’s largest conservation organization with over 43,000 members who are passionately committed to protecting, enhancing and promoting the wise use of the environment for the benefit of present and future generations helping BCWF to grow strategic partnerships with sponsors to develop future programs. He believes in what the BCWF is all about. Providing a voice for the membership with government officials, to create a province where conservation and a long heritage of hunting compliment each other.

His goal is to help make BCWF a leader in Canada when it comes to its programs and practices to ensure that our hunting practices are safe and ethical and that environmental conservation of our wetlands and forest habitats are first and foremost on everyone’s mind. Jack works with the clubs and partners to show others how they can enjoy the outdoors and provide safe practices, that will leave a legacy and an environment that will be enjoyed by generations to follow.



Manitoba Representative- Carly Deacon

Carly Deacon is the Program Manager at the Manitoba Wildlife Federation where she has executed hunting and angling recruitment programs and managed the Manitoba Hunter Education Program for the last 8 years.

Carly’s passion for the outdoors began with her obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree with the University of Manitoba, majoring in Wildlife Biology.  Her previous employment has provided her with experience in avian research, conservation and with non-profit conservation groups actively involved in outdoor education, hunter education, hunter recruitment, and advocacy.  Initiating new hunter recruitment programs and passing along her passion and knowledge through mentorship programs has been one of her favorite experiences.  Carly is an avid hunter for waterfowl and bow hunter for big game, but enjoys all outdoor adventures including fishing, trapping, and camping.


Nunavut Representative-Jonathan Pynn

Jonathan Pynn is the Wildlife Manager of South Baffin for the Nunavut Department of Environment. He has been with multiple government agencies for over ten years working in the wildlife, forestry and land management sectors and has been an instructor with the Canadian Firearms Safety Course for several years. His passion for the outdoors has led him to explore hunting and fishing opportunities and other outdoor pursuits. These experiences and educational background serve him well in his current role which requires participating in meaningful consultations with Inuit on wildlife matters.


 Jim Welsh

Yukon Representative-Jim Welsh

Having worked in several outdoors oriented careers Jim has always been drawn to the north. He feels privileged to be working as the Hunter Education Coordinator in a place a unique as the Yukon. As a passionate hunter and outdoors enthusiast the recreation and learning opportunities offered by the Yukon seem limitless and Jim is doing his best at trying to experience as many as possible.


Chasse à Nominingue_MB2

Quebec Representative-Michel Brault

A native of Montreal City, Michel Brault has grown into a passionate hunter and fisherman. He completed a bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Biology Sciences, a Master’s degree in Environmental Sciences and worked as a wildlife management biologist for ten years on the North Shore of the St. Lawrence Gulf. Michel later had the immense pleasure of managing the improvement of educational material and the training of instructors in collaboration with the Hunters Federation and the Trappers Federation for Québec’s Ministry of Wildlife, which he has done for more than 20 years.


Nova Scotia Representative-Reg Madden

Reg is a proud Nova Scotian with a strong passion for the outdoors and is an avid hunter, angler, archer, trapper, and snowboarder.  Reg has worked with the NS Government since 2006 for both the Department of Fisheries and Department of Lands and Forestry.  He has held positions working with large mammals, furbearers, upland game, various fish species, and licensing services. Reg’s newest role is the Hunter Education Coordinator for Nova Scotia.

Prince Edward Island Representative- Chuck Gallison

Alberta Representative-Dave Paplawski


Executive Director- Gerald MacDougall

Gerald is retired as the Fish and Wildlife Manager from Prince Edward Island(PEI). He is also former head Chief Conservation Officer for the Province. He has been involved with the Hunter Education since 1980 and is still teaching Hunter Education and Firearm Safety in PEI. Gerald has also served a term as the President of IHEA Canada and Vice President of IHEA. He recognizes the importance of responsible hunters and trappers to healthy wildlife populations, informed stakeholders and their overall contribution and importance to conservation in Canada.

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