Who requires Hunter Education in Alberta?


All first time hunters require Hunter Education in Alberta. Starting April 1, 2014 all first time hunters will have to show proof to qualify to hunt in Alberta. AII licensed hunters before that date are grandfathered in. ln Alberta proof of a valid hunting license or proof of hunter education from any North American jurisdiction will also qualify for an Alberta WIN card that has hunting eligibility.


Same as a resident. Big Game hunters are required to use an outfitter, guide, or hunter host to hunt in Alberta.

Minimum Age Requirements

  • Big Game License: 12
  • Small Game License: 12

Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL)

A PAL is NOT required to obtain a Hunting License in Alberta.

Exam challenge

Exam challenges are NOT available.

Online Training Available?


For information about courses contact:

911 Sylvester Crescent, SW
Calgary, AB T2W 0R8

Phone: (403) 252-8474
Fax: (403) 252-3770
Toll Free: 1-866-852-4342

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