Hunter Education is designed to ensure responsible and safe hunting – no matter where you choose to hunt. And while all government approved programs meet standards previously set by the International Hunter Education Association, different jurisdictions have different rules. Consult the interactive map below to learn more about Hunter Education requirements, contacts, and links for the province or Territory that you are interested in.

Visiting Canada to Hunt

Consult the map and click on where you would like to hunt to find more information about Hunter Education requirements for that location.

For information about bringing firearms into Canada, consult:

Canadians Hunting in Canada

Click on your home province or territory to learn more about Hunter Education in your area.

If you want to hunt outside of your home province or territory, click on the area of Canada you are interested in and learn more about that jurisdiction’s requirements for Non-Resident Canadians.

For information about firearms in Canada, consult:

Canadians Hunting out of Province and out of Country

Canadian Hunter Education certification should be accepted throughout the United States, but for more information about hunter education requirements in the USA, please consult:

For information about bringing firearms into the United States, consult: and